DSDLink really is easy to use! When you log in to DSDLink for the first time, it will walk you through a quick tutorial. Here are some of the highlights.

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Buy Screen

The Buy Screen is the fastest way to reorder products that you typically purchase!

  • Enter your purchase quantity in cases (“C”). This will be automatically added to your Shopping Cart. You can also change or delete amounts.
  • Enter an inventory amount if you count inventory.
  • Use the “+” button to add new products.
  • Click “Sales History” to review your past inventory and order quantities.
  • Review the average weekly sales rate to decide how much to buy.
  • Products will show “In Stock” or “Out of Stock” based on current availability.

Products will show current pricing including any discounts.

Discover Screen

The Discover screen lets you Search all current R.H. Barringer products.

  • Use the “Search” box to key word searches by Supplier, Brand, etc.
  • View products by Package Type or Product Segment
  • When you click on the Package Type or Segment, it will take you to all the available Products.
  • Filter Products by Style, Country, Region, ABV, Price, etc.
  • When you click on a Product you will see detailed information and a full description.

If you find a Product you want to buy, just click the “Buy” button!


Shopping Cart Screen

The Shopping Cart shows you the products you have ordered so far.

  • For each Product you will see the price, discount (if applicable) and total cost.
  • If there are any other Fees like Keg Deposits, they will show at the bottom of the order.
  • You will see your next scheduled Delivery Date. If you want to pick a future scheduled date, click “Deliver Later”.
  • You can enter instructions for your delivery Driver under “Memo”.
  • When everything looks good, click on “Place Order”.

DSDLink will automatically send you e-mail confirmation when you place an order!

DSDLink My Orders Screen

Use the My Orders screen to review current and past orders.

  • For Orders that have not shipped, you can go in and change the order.
  • For Orders that are in delivery, track their progress (not real time).

View and print copies of past Delivery Invoices.