How It Works

Give Notice

Please submit at least 30 days in advance from your event date. North Carolina law does govern our donations process, and we accept all submissions for consideration. Please note that not all submissions are fulfilled. An array of factors goes into each decision made. We appreciate organizations who contact us to support their cause.
To make it easy: We can only donate to charitable organizations.

Take Note As A Retailer

The laws in North Carolina were designed to protect fair commercial competition between manufacturers of alcoholic beverages. Relationships between wholesalers and retailers that result in special prices, gifts or agreements to sell only particular brands, are strictly prohibited. Remember the following rules when dealing with wholesalers.

Find the Right County

We can only donate to events that are held within one of the counties we service (see below). If not, you have to seek out the distributors in your area. Please check out the map below for the counties we service. Use the button below to find the right wholesaler for your request.


**We do not sponsor individuals, influencers or organizations that involve people under the age of 21.

Retailer Rules

  • ABC Permit holders must buy alcoholic beverages only from North Carolina licensed wholesalers.
  • Mixed Beverage Permittees must buy all spirituous liquor from an assigned ABC Store so that the mixed beverage tax can be charged on each container.
  • Retail Permittees may not accept or seek out any discounts, gifts, loans, rebates or entertainment from any alcoholic beverage manufacturer or wholesaler.
  • Retail permittees must keep alcoholic beverage invoices for at least three years. These records must be kept separate from other invoices; invoices should be kept on the licensed premises.
  • Retail permittees may not buy alcoholic beverages on credit – they must pay on delivery.
  • Retail permittees may not have any financial or wholesale business association with any spirituous liquor, beer, wine wholesaler or importer or manufacturer or vice versa.
  • Retail permittees may not enter into any agreement to sell any particular brand(s) of alcoholic beverages to the exclusion of another brand.
  • Malt beverage and wine wholesalers may not give, lend, or rent any fixtures, equipment or supplies to retail permittees. However, they may sell certain supplies on a cash basis at fair market value.
  • Wholesalers may build, rotate and restock displays and price products for the retailer of their own brands only. They may not handle other wholesalers’ products.
  • Manufacturers and wholesalers may not make any sale of an alcoholic beverage dependent upon the purchase of any other product.
  • Retail permittees may sell or use novelties to advertise the trade name of an alcoholic beverage (such as T-shirts or hats), but must buy them at the prevailing market price. (See NC Administrative Rule 2T.0711-0717 for more.)
  • Wholesalers may provide point of sale advertising materials or brand signs to the retailer, as long as they have no value other than advertising. They cannot be customized for the retailer. Usable items, such as novelties, must be sold to the retailer.