Our vision

Why do we put a focus on educating our entire staff ranging from our janitor to our Corporate levels about beer? Because we believe understanding what you’re selling, drinking and managing fuels a spirit of zeal and intensity.






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Fields of expertise

Monthly Craft Meetings

We conduct monthly craft meetings where 1-2 breweries come to present themselves to our employees. We take an hour to learn each brewery’s history, any upcoming news and sample their products to keep them fresh in our minds.

Cicerone Classes

We firmly believe that teaching up-to-date, accurate facts is crucial to create a proper knowledge base for our staff, accounts and neighboring beer lovers. We teach both Level 1 & Level 2 classes, provide samples, off-flavor kits and even host the Level 2 Certified Cicerone exams at our facilities.

Beer School

We created the RHB Brew School in 2014 after purchasing our 15 gallon brewery. We use this educational brewery during our Cicerone classes and also invite community groups such as our local home brew organizations and the Pink Boots Society to come and spend the day brewing.

Mobile Brew School

In 2016 we created our mobile brew school which allows us to brew on a smaller scale at any of our branches. We focus on brewing with warehouse and sales teams so that every employee has an opprotunity to observe the process up close.

Home Brewing

There is no better way to learn to home brew than to do it yourself. The best part is that as a company, we did not even need to advertise this fact. Both our beer and wine companies are filled with home brewers because they have a strong passion for it.

UBrew Home Brew Competition

In 2015 we started our in-house home brew competitions for our employees. In 2018 we decided to take it up a notch and host the Triad’s first home brew festival where home brewers in surrounding cities could come and compete for the grand prize.

Liquid Focus

There is a lot that goes into creating our favorite beers. THESE are a few of the main focal areas that shape the flavor, color and ABV of each beer.

Handle With Care

Now that the beer has been brewed and packaged, we can set into motion the three P’s: achieve the perfect Pour through Proper storage and Pairing your beer with its ideal dish.


We teach a 6 month course that meets every two weeks. This is an extremely tough course but will help you prepare for taking the Certified Cicerone exam. Space is very limited so if you are interested in attending please contact us below. You must be able to attend each class and plan on studying everyday during the 6 months outside of class.