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Note: Some of these videos were produced by a different distributor, Brown Distributing. You will see their name and logo displayed during the video.

  • Package Guide – This guide shows you examples of the different Package sizes and types. Note that these are just the most common Packages. Also be aware that not all Brands are available in all Package types. DSDLink will show you exactly what is available for you to order for each Brand.
    RHB Package Type Guide
  • Constellation Products Guide – If you purchase Constellation brand products from us (Corona, Modelo, Victoria, Pacifico), then this guide will help you identify some of the most common Brands and Packages. Note that Constellation products are not available in all R.H. Barringer areas and not all Brands are available in all Packages.
    RHB Constellation Products Guide

What is DSDLink?
DSDLink is an app (and web site) that lets you enter your own R.H. Barringer orders. The app runs on tablets and
mobile phones (Android or Apple) and works like typical online shopping sites – browse for products, enter order
quantities, check out, etc. DSDLink shows current R.H. Barringer products, availability, and pricing. You can
create an order that will be delivered to you on your next scheduled delivery date.

Why Should I Use DSDLink For My R.H. Barringer Ordering?
DSDLink lets you order the way you want when you want. You can use a phone, tablet, or laptop to order any
time that is convenient to you. DSDLink gives you the flexibility to browse all R.H. Barringer products and
determine your own order quantities.
DSDLink is totally optional! If you prefer to continue to have us contact you to take your orders, we are more than
happy to do so. If you try DSDLink for your ordering and later decide you would rather have conventional sales
calls, just let your R.H. Barringer Rep know.

What Can I Do With DSDLink?
DSDLink is a very easy to use shopping app with a lot of useful features …
 DSDLink makes it simple for you to reorder your usual R.H. Barringer products.
 DSDLink shows your monthly sales rate and order history to help you decide on a correct order quantity.
 DSDLink lets you browse all available R.H. Barringer products to look for new products to sell. You can sort
products based on type of product as well as Style, ABV, Region, etc.
 DSDLink will give you real time availability and pricing so you know what to expect on your delivery.
 DSDLink lets you track your orders and deliveries and review your invoice history.

What Products Can I Order With DSDLink?
You can order any R.H. Barringer product that is authorized for sale in your area. DSDLink will also show you if a
product is currently in stock or not to help you make your purchasing decision.

Does DSDLink Show Me Pricing?
Yes! DSDLink shows current pricing and discounts based on your scheduled delivery date.

Can I Specify or Change My Delivery Date Using DSDLink?
R.H. Barringer has fixed delivery routes that run on predetermined schedules. That means you have scheduled
delivery days and weeks that cannot be changed. DSDLink will only let you place an order for your next
scheduled delivery date (or any future scheduled date). You can enter your order any time up to the order cut-off
time on your normal sales day.

Can I Change My Order After I Enter It In DSDLink?
Yes! You can go back to an existing order and add products, delete products, or change quantities. You can do
this up until the order cut-off time on your normal sales day.

How Do I Know If I Successfully Placed An Order Using DSDLink?
DSDLink will notify you about what is going on during the entire order and delivery process!
 As soon as you place an order, DSDLink will send you a Pre-Delivery Notice confirming your delivery date,
products, and total price.
 DSDLink will automatically notify you when your delivery has been made.
 DSDLink will send you automatic “reminders” when it is time to place your next R.H. Barringer order.

How Do I Get Started With DSDLink?
You can sign up and get started with DSDLink yourself! Please refer to the R.H. Barringer DSDLink Flyer and
Getting Started Guide.
 Download the app (from the App Store or Google Play) on your phone or tablet or go to the DSDLink.com
web site. Note: Currently the app version has more features than the web site version – it is recommended!
 Create a DSDLink account by signing up with your e-mail address and phone number.
 “Link” your DSDLink account to your R.H. Barringer customer account. You will need your 5-digit R.H.
Barringer Customer number and a recent R.H. Barringer Invoice Number to complete this process. You can
get this information from a recent Delivery Invoice or from your R.H. Barringer Sales Rep.

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Note: Some of these videos were produced by a different distributor, Brown Distributing. You will see their name and logo displayed during the video.