2024 Battle of the homebrewers

Due by March 1st
Light beer, dark beer, & best label
Overnight stay and tour of Mother Earth Brewing

1) Register In The Brewer's Portal & pick your team

Register your team inside the Brewer's Portal to receive your entry number and ingredients. Team members can be from outside RHB but at least one has to be a RHB employee. You must brew on a homebrew set up, either yours or a teammates. You must be present and actively participating in the brewing process.

2) Pick your Color

This year we will have one winner for both the best light colored beer and best dark colored beer. Use the SRM scale at the bottom of this page or in the brewer's portal to see which styles fall into which category. You can submit up to 2 entries for each category (4 total: 2 light, 2 dark).

3) Receive your ingredients

Each entry is required to use two ingredients. What might those ingredients be? Once you submit your entry you will be sent 2 ingredients at random per entry. The ingredients must stay paired together and you can't trade them in for another pair. These ingredients are sent per entry per team so you can't have everyone on your team sign-up in order to get multiple pairs of ingredients that you pick from.



This year we are adding a creative element to the competition. Each entry must have a label roughly 8"x5" and can be hand drawn, AI generated, created by your sign shop or any other means that suits you. If you would like help creating, myself and our sign shops can work with you to create a fun label for your beer!

We will judge labels for creativity and how fitting it is to your beer. The winner will have their label made into stickers and used in the swag shop as a custom shirt design. Winners will receive swag bucks to use towards their designed products or towards any swag in the shop.

If you do not want to brew but are interested in designing labels, please reach out and let me know. If your label gets picked then you will win the label prize.


5) Package & Submit by March 1st

You will need to submit a 6-pack of bottles/cans and four printed out labels in a waterproof baggie. You are welcome to adhere labels to your cans/bottles but please send in 4 printed labels separately in case water from your bottles damage the ones on your beers. These will all be submitted anonymously. When you receive your ingredients you will also receive your entry number. Mark your cap or bottle with this number.

Some tips you should know


Where do I submit My Entries?

Place your marked entries in the breakroom fridge at your branch. All samples will be picked up the week after they are due. If your beer is ready earlier please write me so I can pick them up early to prevent them from being tampered with.


How will the beers be judged?

You beers will be judged based on the BJCP guidelines for most appropriate and best appearance, aroma, taste, use of ingredients and creativity.


who will be judging the beers?

We will have a panel of judges comprised on RHB Cicerones and the Mother Earth Brewing crew. Any RHB employee that enters the competition cannot be a judge.


Can i use the rHB brew school?

We will schedule 1 weekend date with the Mother Earth folks for any RHB employee to come and brew with us. We will have food catered for whoever joins. Whoever shows up for the day will be lumped into the RHB Brew Skewl team and the beer brewed will be entered under this team. This beer will not be eligible to win the trip prize but will receive swag bucks if the beer is chosen.


Can I bring someone with me to the overnight stay if I win?

You will be able to bring a significant other with you but no children (21+). We will pick a weekend for everyone to go together. If you are not able to make this weekend we will have alternative prizes available.

SRM Scale

The Standard Reference Scale (SRM) helps to decide the proper coloring for each beer style. This is mostly chosen based on the recommended level of malt color prior to the addition of extra ingredients. 

Light Beer: 2 Pale Straw – 20 Medium Amber
Dark Beer: 20 Deep Amber – 40+ Black