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All entries due:
March 1

Winners for best: Light, Dark & Label

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Register Your Team

Use the link to register your team. You can edit this at any time.

One registration per team or individual. You will need a team name in order to register. If your team changes, contact Brianna at bc****@rh*********.com

Click here to register your team.

Receive Entry # & Ingredients

Your ingredients will be sent to you and listed below.

Your entry number and ingredients for each entry will be listed below. Only register for the amount of beers that you will actually brew. Do not register for 4 entries and only use 2 pairs of ingredients because you liked them the best. 

Create Your Label

Create your own label or use the label maker form below.

Your label will need to be roughly 8″x5″. You can adhere them to your bottles if you water-proof them but you will also need to send in 4 unattached labels. Feel free to use a friend, use AI, hand make them or reach out below to get some help! 

Please contact Brianna Craig at bc****@rh*********.com. We will chat about the aesthetic of your label and I will reach out to see who will be helping you create your label. Things to include in the email: beer style, idea of the design, color scheme, beer name, team name, etc. 


Submit Your Entries

Submit your entries by March 1st to your branch's breakroom.

ONE PERSON PER TEAM FILLS OUT THIS FORM. You will fill out one form for all of your entries. Only fill this out once you have completed the brewing process and all your details are finalized.

**You can edit this form at any time. 

Required: Beer style, Beer name, ABV, a short description of the beer and label,  short description of your label, upload your label. 

Click here to register beer entries. 


  1. There must be one RHB employee per team
  2. You must brew on a home brew setup. No professional setups.
  3. If you enter the competition (outside of the group brew day) you cannot be a judge.
  4. You must use both ingredients in the same beer. 
  5. If you participate in the group brew day, you cannot win the overnight prize because the judges will be helping to brew. But you will win an alternative prize. 
  6. You can bring one significant other on the overnight trip. 21+


Team Name Entry # Ingredients Style
Matthew Melvin
Coffee & Orange
Beer Style
Matthew Melvin
Cinnamon & Rosemary
Beer Style
Dustin Johnson
Frank Thomas
Cocoa/Chocolate & Ginger
Beer Style
Dustin Johnson
Frank Thomas
Raspberry & Honey
Beer Style
Dustin Johnson
Frank Thomas
Chili Peppers & Coriander
Beer Style
Dustin Johnson
Frank Thomas
Lemon & Thyme
Beer Style


There will be one light colored winner and one dark. You can submit up to 2 entries for each color (4 total: 2 light, 2 dark).

Light: 2 Pale - 20 Medium Amber
Dark: 20 Deep Amber - 40+ Stouts