Your Virtual Suggestion Box

Have you ever had an idea that you think would make your position more productive but didn’t know who to tell it to? Welcome to your Virtual Suggestion Box! We want to pull from your day-to-day experience while giving realistic feedback in return. Yes, we would all love to have daily cookies delivered to each break room. But sometimes we can have suggestions and not realize the logistical hoops that it takes. So we created a system to help benefit both sides and to help take action for some incredible ideas!

How It Works

Tell Us Your Ideas

Fill out the Suggestion Proposal Below. You will be asked to give details on your proposal to help smooth over any typical questions that could arise.

Review & Return

Those being affected by the proposal will review it in detail. If need be, we will make suggestions and return it to you.

Compromise or Grant

Your proposal will either be granted, declined or have suggestions for a compromise. We will explain all reasons for each motion in the proposal.

Submit Suggestion Proposal

Suggestion Graveyard

We think it is important for you to be able to see the expectations that we are looking for and to know why certain ideas were turned down. We will list a short description of the proposal and the reason for its rejection. No names will be involved

No dead ideas yet