Our Family.

What started as an entrepreneurial spark in 1933 spiraled into a fourth generational movement. We work as a family in order to create a family.

Our Goal.

We focus on continuously building upon our traditions of quality products, service and personnel by genuinely striving for customer satisfaction.

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Joining Together To Make A Difference.

We recognize the fact that we can’t function with out people. People build us and make us who we are. So we focus on giving back to our community that has helped shape us into who RH Barringer is today.

Fight Against Human Trafficking

We have joined the National Beer Wholesalers Association in training all of our employees to recognize the potential red flags that can be seen in our territory.

Community Outreach

As we educate ourselves we feel it’s important to reach out to those we interact with with factual, useable resources.

Prioritizing Beer Knowledge


We offer a 6 month Certified Cicerone class taught by our Vice President for employees, partners and suppliers.


We require all RHB personnel to be Certified Beer Servers so everyone can develop a basic appreciation for the liquid they help handle.


We host homebrew competitions to drive creativity and learning at a hands-on level.